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Is it true that people have been dumbed down to such an extent that the desire and the ability of reading has become a lost ability? If this is not the case for you, then visit www.luciditybooks.com and test your reading appetite. The message board is free to use. Leave a comment or suggestion.

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Understanding your dreams is a clever method of understanding yourself and how you interact and relate to others. Your dreams are the portals to your unconscious mind showing you a glimpse of how you process your thinking and manage your living environment. Share your dreams with us as we share ours with you so that we each may understand ourselves better. Go to https://dreammeta.life/dream-share and start sharing. The chat room and the message board are free to use, and you do not need to subscribe for anything. Happy Dreaming.

Bestowing -Life


Being HIV positive can be a source of much despair if you allow it to be. There may be a cure for HIV and AIDS but there is too much money being made by keeping people sick and dependent on drugs. It is said that the creation of HIV and AIDS by the United States is only one method that is being tested as a means to human population reduction along with the poisoning of the food, water, and the air, as well as the deluge of electromagnetic waves that are tampering with the organs of our body and damaging our ability to properly think. We call it science and technology, but science and technology in the hands of fools is detrimental to the Earth and every living creature that inhabits it. Whatever your condition is you should try to smile inwardly and outwardly because even the beautiful and the brave will eventually pay homage to the grave. Become a member of Bestowing-Life at https://hiveaid.org/register/ and its sister website https://hiveaids.net.


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If interesting articles appeal to you Radiance-In-Reading has a nice collection for you to browse thru relating to social awareness issues. Do not be bashful, visit www.luciditybooks.com and enjoy. You can also use its message board to leave comments and suggestions. Review the author’s collection for free.

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