Sharing Our Dreams for Interpretation

Dreams can be an affluent portal to the inner person. They show the sub-conscious mind giving us insights about why we think and behave as we do. Dreams are an informal study of self. Our dreams are coded messages intended to elevate the person to a higher level of consciousness.

However, dreams have no value if they cannot be properly interpreted. They are like a pane of glass covered by fog. Many dreams do not seem to make any sense because they are so vague and abstract in they’re presentation. But admit this haziness is substance and function embedded within our dreams.

Dreams may also be a method of emotional release. Like a kettle boiling over with tension, stress, and uncertainties. The brain may use dreams to vent some of the steam out before it explodes. In this instance, dreams do not necessarily need to make sense because they are performing a vital function to support a person’s sanity.

It is very difficult for a person to accurately interpret their own dreams. Attempting to successfully do this is likened to a doctor performing surgery on herself. She may get the job done, but her vision is extremely tunneled. Her focus is deeply self-centered and narrow because she is operating on herself and is unable to see beyond herself.

There are people who get paid for interpreting dreams. Usually people who ask for money to interpret dreams tell the dreamer what the dreamer wants to hear and can care less about helping that person improve their thinking processes and self-awareness.

To properly interpret a person’s dreams there should be a collective body with different inputs. When the different inputs are sorted and analyzed the most reliable of the dreams interpretation is most probably the one that has a higher headcount than the rest.

The purpose of dream-conscious is to analyze a dream from various vantage points, backgrounds, viewpoints, and personalities to find the true meaning behind its manifestation. Once the true meaning of the dreams is defined they can then be productively applied to the dreams life.

Everyone participating in the dream decoding processes benefits because they all learn something about themselves as a byproduct of helping others. Everyone has moved to a broader state of self-awareness. The cognitive powers of all have climbed to another notch on the human evolutionary scale.

In ancient times, human beings used far more than ten percent of their brain matter as modern humans do. The ancient ones were more in tune with celestial knowledge. By understanding the hidden meanings and the form functions that are being conveyed by our dreams, we become more connected to crystal lights.

The electrons in our entire body, especially our brain, become more energized. Our thinking processes become top-up. We break through the barrier of ten percent one fully charged brain cell at a time. We become like the ancient ones in our cohesion and understanding of the Universe. We advance to a higher state of cerebral being.

This we do as a collective body of dreams interpreters by sharing and exploring among ourselves and finding answers to the riddles grafted in our dreams. It is time to take your hands out of your pockets and stop and decease scratching your head. The channel is open and free to use. Post your dreams at and together we will make clear they’re meaning and decipher what they are telling you about yourself and your conduct in life.

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