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Buffalo West

Buffalo West by Herbert L Hilliard and published by is a romance novel of two army scouts and the two women in whom they meet accidentally and take as mates. The outcome is unexpected and is sure to stimulate the reader’s imagination.It is advised that one should have their boots on and their belts tighten before beginning the first paragraph of this book as its contents are both sexually spicy and sensuously suggestive.

Rape, abandonment, betrayal, hope, courage, and finally love are all key ingredients that make up the setting and circumstances of the characters involved in this western romance and adventure short love story. The background of the book is a period of American history in the old west some years after the Civil War and before the turn of the century.

The characters are ex-slaves, freemen, and white Americans. The setting is in one of the western states that are still in need of Army protection for settlers during the westward expansion.

A mother and her daughter from the east is rescued and then assaulted by black army scouts (buffalo soldiers). The reader will experience the unpredictable chain of events that come about from this meeting and the final outcome of these main characters will be both shocking and surprising.

Forty-six-year-old Anna and her nineteen-year-old daughter Lisa are uprooted from a peaceful social life in Boston by their husband and father to go west and start a new life for themselves but this vision is suddenly altered when Anna’s husband falls under the painted lips charm of a small town saloon girl.

Betrayal, illness, abandonment, theft, rape and finally both mother and daughter experiencing romance as they are forced out on their own to fend for themselves in a new land are the intriguing tales of two strong independent women making their way against the odds and ninetieth-century social norms. Get ready for a well-dressed ride as you explore the adventures of this amazon kindle romance eBook.


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