What Happens When You Die

threeDon’t let the prophets of doom frighten you. Read Lights and Reflections and see how it all turns out.

Lights and Reflections: The Mysteries of “YOU” by Herbert L. Hilliard explores the mysteries of existence. It’s origins. It’s sustaining source and or sources. It’s’ magnitude and dimensions. It’s purposes and behavior and also sheds light on how this mystery relates to and interacts with each of its component parts and whether it is finite or eternal in composition.

This book is designed to encourage people who are going through trials, and even those who are not, to look beyond their current situations and place their focus on the much broader picture of existence within the Earthly realm and those beyond.

This is not an intellectual pursuit but one merely of inquisitive speculation, observation and spiritual investigation to postulate the age old question ” Why are we here?”

This is not a How-to book and one that does not profess to have the answers to life’s riddles but deals with questions that are age old to the human terrestrial experience such as “Is this all to life?”, and “Is there really a deific being and what purpose does it have for me?”

Lights and Reflections: The Mysteries of “YOU” is an insightful look into these questions with the intent of stimulating the reader’s quest for a better understanding of existence and the part that they play individually within it.

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