What Our Dreams Are Made Of

Researchers have probes and sensors attached to your head and other parts of your body. They say that they are investigating the phenomena of why human beings dream. But are they mechanically creating dreams for you and clandestinely altering your thinking and surreptitiously changing your behavioral patterns?

What our dreams are made of is an age-old question that has produced many thesis and hypothesis to explain this peculiarity. Dream interpreters that ask for money are usually con artist that only have their vested interest at heart, and trying to correctly interpret your dreams yourself have the fatal flaw of your disposition and mindset to contend with.

Dreams are an outer body experience into different dimensions of time and space. Dreams are a conglomeration of life experiences, external inputs, fears, hopes and desires, and the electrical cadence and rhythm of our body frequencies. Like an engine that’s left idling, dreams are a way of keeping the brain active during sleep so that we do not have to switch on the machinery from a cold start every time we wake up.

Dreams are also internal and external messengers that are trying to tell us something about ourselves. Some dreams may be trying to let us know that there is a malfunction some place in our body that we need to attend to. Other dreams may be telling us that we need to take a comprehensive look at our outlook on life. These types of dreams fall into the category of being internal messengers because they are the products of ourselves.

Dreams that have an external origin are dreams that are produced by the vibrations of the planet Earth and its sister planet the Moon. The cosmos and other spheres of realities also inject electrical frequencies into our mind and body that produce dreams. Likewise, the other life forms that inhabit the planet Earth have their own frequencies that intermingle with human frequencies and produces various aspects of our dreams.

There is also the question of what is a dream? It could be that what we call conscious life is merely a dream and when we sleep we get a momentary glimpse of reality. If this is the case, then humans are merely a strange illusion and that which we think exists really does not.

We know that we and everything about us are only atoms clumped together to form an object and that much of that object is empty space holding our atoms together by an electromagnetic attraction. But what has this to do with understanding the meaning of our dreams? To begin the processes of interpreting our dreams we must accept the fact that we are in the majority empty space that is highly influenced by electromagnetic and electrochemical reactions and interactions.

Our dreams jump all over the place because we subconsciously want to control and direct their flow by switching off segments of a dream that we do not like. Our dreams also jump around because our brain is performing many simultaneous functions to keep us alive, and for some of these functions our dream need to be placed in a queue while that function is being performed. When the dream is reactivated it seldom starts where it left off, and may even be replaced by another dream set.

Sharing our dreams with people who do not have a vested interest in trying to translate our dreams, such as getting our money, or an agenda to confuse and control us is a workable approach to not only understanding what our dreams are trying to tell us but also gain insights into ourselves and other people. We expand our knowledge by opening the other realities of existence and making them part of our life experiences by understanding the messages of our dreams.

We dream because if our minds are not always active then we are clinically Brain dead. Our dreams outlive our physical body because our dreams are energies that are absorbed by the cosmos and transmitted throughout the realities. Since we are disjointed particles held together by magnetism and energized by electricity we are no more than a physical manifestation of our dreams which makes our dreams more factual than we are, which is why we need to try to understand them.

Once we have an insight into our dreams we can then control what we dream about. Moving from a haphazard array of images we can guide our dream realities and transform many of them into physical actualities.

Many people practice dream control without realizing it when they have a deep thought about something and then dream of it when they go to sleep. However, in many cases, the person will allow the dream to run its own course during the session instead of moving it in the direction and towards the outcome that they want.

Taking control of our dream session is normally a subconscious process, so we must train ourselves into having the ability to take conscious control of our dreams as we sleep. This is how we can help one another by discussing and sharing our dreams which are gateways into various realities that we can prepare ourselves to enter when this terrestrial illusion has run its course.

Speaking for myself, none of my dreams reflect me as I am. In my dreams, I am young, strong, vibrant, and healthy. I dream a lot about women, and in most cases, it is a woman with whom I had a relationship with some years before. I made a mockery of that relationship because I was immature and felt sexually inadequate. Eventually she came to her senses and hash-browned me.

My dreams of this woman come in two forms. One I am pursuing her trying to win her back, and the other, she and I are happy-go-lucky in a solid bond. What my dreams of her is telling me is that I cared a great deal for her and that no matter how much I would like to I cannot undo my past mistakes.

This supports the assumption that most of our dreams are internal and rooted in past experiences. On the other hand, I will suggest that when I dream of me and this woman being in a strong, loving, mature relationship that I have briefly stepped into another reality where this is the case. I believe this is so because the dream is too ordered and structured and the sensations and emotions are too clear and vivid for this to merely be an illusion.

What I am saying is that we exist in many spheres of consciousness and each one is just as tangible as the other. To me this terrestrial sphere of consciousness is my predominant, or I should say my only concrete reality, and likewise, when I am in that other orbit with her that conscious level is my predominant and real reality.

In both realms, I feel and believe that I am dreaming but what I am actually doing is stepping between authentic and genuine and genuine and authentic because all the realities of existence are definite and concrete. Therefore, I am trying to train my mind so that I can control what I dream and the course that my dreams follows.

This may sound like someone who is knocking on the doors of insanity but those heavily funded researchers with their high-tech tools and mind control drugs are experimenting with dream manufacturing and mind control for purposes that may not be in the best interest of men and women, while I only want to elevate myself to a higher range of awareness and existence.

Some dreams do come true and together we can explore the possibilities of our dreams hidden messages and enjoy the many realities that we personally coexist within all the realms of conscious existence.

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