Homosexuality and the New World Order Agenda

There is no debating that a major outline of the New World Order plan for world dominance is a drastic reduction of the Earth’s human population. A handful of their plans for world dominance that were either deliberately instigated by them or happened by coincidence are:

∙The final solution for Germany’s social and ethic problems during World War Two.

∙The communist purges in Russia conducted by Lenin and Stalin before, during and after World Wars One and Two.

∙The purges in China conducted by Mao Zedong.

∙The slaughters of Pol Pot in Cambodia.

∙The ethnic cleansing of the Yugoslav and Bosnian wars.

∙The current purging of Christians in Egypt and other parts of the Middle-east.

∙The continuous slaughter of millions in the rest of Africa beyond Egypt.

∙The use of gay (homosexual males) to spread HIV and AIDS, among other diseases, worldwide.

∙The slaughter of well over a million people in Iraq by the United States to takeover that nation’s oil wells.

Are but faint and crude glimpses of what the New World Order has in store for humanity.

Homosexuality and gay marriages are being promoted as a human right. And true, it is a person’s innate right to be whatever she or he pleases if he or she does not infringe upon another person’s innate right to be in harmony with the natural order of the cosmos.

So-called black males have always had an identity crisis in the United States of America as to whether they were men or boys, and so, a disgraceful number of them have opted to be counterfeit girls instead.

This decision of so-called African-American males to be a female forgery fits the New World Order’s designs for the extermination of what it considers to be inferior human species quite well with very little effort on their part to reduce the population of so-called black people worldwide.

Homosexuality is now heavily promoted by the media and entertainment industries that are control behind the scenes by New World Order folks and by people who simply hate other people as a less expensive means to reduce the human population.

Nuclear and bio-genetic weapons are being stocked piled as a last resort to drastically reduce the Earth’s human population by the one world visionaries for fear of the collateral damage that the deployment of these weapons will inflict upon them even hidden away in their shelters and bunkers.

The data that has been gathered by the launching of gay (homosexual males) infected with the HIV and AIDS virus onto the public have enabled researchers to refine that virus so that it can now be specifically targeted to certain groups of people according to their age, race, physical and mental health, and gender. Fund by avid supports of the New World Order, gay rights advocates are now exceedingly loud and obnoxious and pinned up like billboards on every form of communication and information media.

The target of these homosexual propaganda broadcasts is not teenagers or adults but the small children whose minds are still very receptive to external inputs and suggestions. You must remember that the New World Order concept and its growing and developing agendas are more than two hundred years old, so these people are focused and directed about what they want to carry out and pass it down from generation to generation.

Not saying that it is the best solution, but Adolf Hitler may have had the right solution concerning the homosexual problem in his country by exterminating the males and re-educating the young feminine looking females. Gay (homosexual males) are high volume carriers of diseases and plagues which are the reason why the so-called African-American community is so racked with the HIV and AIDS virus.

The quest for global dominance is as old as one person dominating another person, and then one house dominating another house, and then one village dominating another village, and so it goes embracing larger and larger spheres.

The One World Order visionaries will not achieve their ultimate goals of world domination and will go up in flames like all the other would-be one world rulers throughout human history have gone before them, but the human, animal, and natural desolation that they will unleash and leave in their attempts to rule the world will be mind-boggling.

Some people think that homosexuality is cute and many comedians base many of their jokes on this distortion of nature, but a person who is dying of AIDS and a person whose life has been turned inside out by HIV cannot see anything funny about a gay male. Like maggots that have eaten away a corpse, homosexuals will be tossed into the flames by the world rulers when they have no more use for them.

Now the contents of this article may give one the impression that I am a homophobe, and I can assure you that I am. When I was eleven years old a gay male confronted me when I was alone beside a river. He promised that he will throw me into the river and drown me if I did not do as he said. I will not go into any more of the disgusting details except to say that my self-esteem and my sense of person was thrown into that murky river and drowned that day.

The One World Order gang will use, distort, and twist whatever they need to in order to bring their dream of the decapitation of the human spirit to fruition. They want to eliminate at least ninety percent of the worlds human population and make slaves of the rest. This gang of losers want to be worshiped as gods having the power of life and death over their infidels and they are now using the repugnant squalid of homosexuality as a tool to confuse and disorient people.

You seldom hear of HIV and AIDS anymore on the mainstream media because the would-be world rulers have ordered them to downplay it because it is a direct assault against homosexuality which they want to promote as being a legitimate lifestyle. But the hospital beds and the grave stones are a dreadful witness to the consequences of homosexuality and they speak in volume of how base this practice is.

Some people do not believe that there is a group of people who are scheming for world dominance. A certain so-called black man did not believe that his white master would hang and then burn him until he was being dragged to a tree to be lynched. Homosexuals are extremely loud, visual, and noisy, giving the ignorant the impression that this sordid behavior is the norm. Well, it isn’t.


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