Getting Older with HIV

Many researchers are proposing a possible cure for HIV by 2020. This is remarkable since HIV and AIDS is a Biogenetics weapon created by the United States for the expressed purpose of killing certain population groups and others that are considered undesirables. As with any attack weapon a defense weapon (or in the case of a biological agent, an antiviral) is also part of the research and development process of its operational design before any steps are taken for active deployment. This is to say that the development of an antiviral (cure) for HIV and AIDS was a natural part of the research and development processes as with any weapons systems. Greed and a genuine desire to greatly reduce the Earths human population are the only reasons why HIV and AIDS is still around, as well as several other diseases that have been created or accelerated for money and human reduction.

There are many dastardly things that are being deliberately and systematically done to all of us as well as the only bio-system that humans and the Earths many other life forms can inhabit in various ways and by various means simply for money and power. If we remain docile we will be genetically altered into half human beasts and mechanical mechanisms and sheered like a sheep by those who view us as only being money in their pockets, mud puddles to be manipulated and controlled, and mindless laborers. It is good to be optimistic, but I personally do not expect the cure for HIV and AIDS to be released any time soon by the medical and pharmaceutical industries or the U.S government. There are natural cures for the HIV and AIDS virus that are being promoted over the Internet if you are brave enough to try them from difficult to validate sources. Be that as it may, if you are 50 years old or more and have HIV this Washington Post article may give you a few insights concerning aging and living with HIV.

HIV-infected people are living for years, but age-related diseases set in early

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