Thriving with HIV and AIDS

The most important facet of living with HIV and AIDS is the infected person’s uttermost consideration of others. Resentment, self-pity, and denial are very negative side effects that an HIV and AIDS positive person must contend with and overcome for themselves and for the health and safety of the people that they encounter. This is most true for the HIV and AIDS positive person who is not showing any obvious ill effects from this biological agent that is unleashed upon us by certain elements within the United States and casually referred to as being a disease.

We that are HIV and AIDS positive must always be mindful that we are the carrier of an infectious virus transmitted by sexual interaction. Homosexual males are still the major delivery system that spreads HIV and AIDS throughout the populous and therefore we as social and compassionate organisms obliterate the mindset of homosexuality from the consciousness of all human beings. Certain illegal drug use also remains high on the delivery mechanisms for the transmission of the HIV and AIDS biological agent.

Given that there are certain groups that can make money off another’s misfortunes there will never be a cure for HIV and AIDS and many other diseases claimed to have no cure yet. So, it’s up to the HIV and AIDS positive person to diligently practice total and complete containment of the virus within themselves and behave with the level best sensitivity towards others.

We are personally and collectively at war with malicious and selfish elements that look upon us as being no more than dust bunnies and a grid line on their financial reports. We must stand up for ourselves and take the powers that be down and give back to them ten thousand-fold what they have been vulgarly giving to us. We do this by covering one another’s backs and not spreading contaminants willingly. We do this by accepting that certain lifestyles and behaviors are contrary to the survival of our species and that we should not promote nor participate in them.

They that hate and despise us use sports, who did or said what, fake news, conflicts creation, and whatever other means they have at their disposal to entertain and distract us from what is going on around us and from what is being systematically and strategically done to us by them. It is all a game to those that view what is to them the “below the grade” and the loathsome butt of their jokes which all too many of us swan drive merrily into.

We are systematically being poisoned, sterilized, dumb down to the skull bone, having our individuality liquidated by inbreeding, transformed into faggots and lesbians, and we love it, we simply adore it because we go to those that are wittingly or unwittingly engaged in our demolition for answers and help. We amuse ourselves with their carefully crafted entertainments and make what’s important to them important to us. So be it, the dead will die, and the living will become three times dead. The Vagabond is in control of the world and the world adheres to its every word to its ultimate destruction.

We that are HIV and AIDS positive must be healthy in the mind not only for ourselves but for others as well. We have been genetically reconfigured into a person that is not normal as human normality goes, but that is no cause to feel inferior, belligerent, or resentful towards anyone. Today we are here, and today we are gone, and that is true for every single one of us that are born into this world. Today I will smile at someone and today I will keep that which I have that is unbecoming in attitude and behavior and physically harmful towards others to myself.

Fight HIVToday I will not be sad even as my condition creates a psychology of perpetual personal sadness and robs me of being a free spirit in the clean wholesome activity of panty pursues. This is the nature that the beast has given me, and I must live with it and overcome it because the final victory is not to the strong and neither is it to the weak but to those that remain standing tall when they have been ordered to fall.

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