The Not So Great Flat Earth Debate?

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Whether the Earth is a flat plane or a globe is an uninteresting debate that is currently taking place, primarily over the Internet. The crust of this debate centers upon the writings of an ancient fairy tale novel known as the Bible.

Be that as it may, I find it very amazing that a so-called African American would entertain such a mundane topic of discussion. It is mind-boggling for such a person to engage in such a colorless topic when that person, particularly a male, run the risk of getting shot by a white policeman or woman every time he walks out of his door.

When you’re looking down the barrel of a loaded gun aimed at your head is it possible that a policewoman or man will ask you whether you believe that the Earth is a flat plane or a globe before he or she shoots? I personally do not believe so. I believe that an out of flat, out of globe will be your out of body experience at that moment.

We as a people leap to great heights to partake of other people’s nonsense instead of taking care of our own business, which is why we as a group are considered by the multitude to be a laughingstock. It is easy to say that this demeaning interpretation of us is not called for, but unfortunately, it is so very true for the clear majority of we so-called African American people.

I was in a store in Atlanta Georgia some time ago when I lived there and this Arab guy who was as dark in complexion as I uttered with much exasperation and frustration that “They are all alike”, talking as it were about so-called black people coming in and out of the store. There was nothing that I could say in our defense because every other person that entered that store behaved like day old buffoons and were very loud.

Whether the Earth is flat, or a globe, or a pincushion, the reality is that we all grow old and ugly and then we die without the Earth, whatever its shape or form, taking any note of our ever being in existence. We as a people should be building our own schools, creating our own financial system, sending rockets to the Sirius Star system, developing defensive and offensive biogenetic weapons, loving and respecting one another, and much, much more rather than engaging in the senseless follies of someone else.

A knee is pressing hard against your back and the barrel of the gun is held firmly against the back of your neck and you cry out confidently “I believe that the Earth is flat”. Harps are playing, and cherries are being picked, and whether the Earth is a flat plane or a globe your world has come to an end.

Such debates as that of whether the Earth is flat or a globe are for those that have no other pressing and worthwhile issues to contend with, but for those of us who are under constant attack within our own communities we should be more sensible and target interests that are of value to us. A flat Earth will not save your life, nor give you a sense of honor, safety, and self-respect.

Those who do not think for themselves will be carried away by someone else’s nonsensical whims and be looked upon as being absurd, childish, and foolish. We as a people, so-called African Americans, must do our own version of ethnic cleansing because so many of us are beyond redemption.

This is to say that at least eighty percent of we so-called African Americans must be purged, wiped out, truncated, put to rest so that a creditable remnant may turn over stones and rule the world. I will be one of those to go because I have performed far less than my best.

If the Earth is flat, so be it. If the Earth is a globe, so much so. If we as a people choose to wallow in someone else’s garbage then we must stop calling ourselves people and refer to ourselves as nothing.

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