Imparting Peace of Mind

Hiveaids is not a dating Website; however, hiveaids does promote and encourage dating between HIV positive persons as we know the safeguards that are needed to keep one another safe, and the practices needed to remain physically and emotionally healthy.

Hiveaids is a growing community of people who are working together to foster wellness and completion. It is a community dedicated to helping others in renewing the spirit and refreshing the mind.

Hiveaids is a sheltered and secure Website where all personal correspondences are encrypted and insulated from the public.

All hiveaids members are encouraged to circulate the knowledge of this community and bring more members into our orbit.

We strengthen ourselves by networking together, and we look beyond ourselves by reaching out and forming a bond with others.

To this end, we each individually expand our horizons and cultivate our lives.

The mission of hiveaids is to encourage everyone to live life to its fullness and find vigor in all of life’s experiences.

The message board and chat room are free to use.

And, if for some reason you feel that your life is a dream, then go to and find out why you believe this.

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