Escaping from A Self-imposed Outer Whiteness and Moving into The Rays of Life

Extended fortifying ropes and hands of solidarity are ever-present to rescue a drowning people from the murky waters and silly antics of themselves.

We so-called black people have so accepted this calculated disinformation about ourselves, marketed to us by dedicated thieves and murders, that we live every moment of our lives acting it out on one another.

You see it every day, and in countless ways, how we have idiotically become our obstacles to success and achievements by allowing other people to define us.

Far too many of us behave like wild savage beasts and have the lower-case mentality to feel proud about our unrestrained self-destructive behaviors towards one another.

Like undomesticated animals, so many of us terrorize and discomfort our people as our mind masters take a dip in their swimming pools and take their wives and children to hear symphony performances and wining and dining lavishly at our expense.

Many of our children’s goals are to become famous sports athletes and have the ruling class cheer them on in their arena, reluctantly tossing us a bone or two from the zillions that we make for them.

How on earth could such culturally advanced peoples, the first civilization builders, have allowed themselves to collapse to such a degraded state, within the blink of an eye as the ages of human history are defined?

Our real enemy wants us to believe that he has all the smarts and that he is the guiding and sustaining force behind both the living and the dead. Far too many of us fall for this lie, and even place our best foot forward to help the plunders of peoples and cultures grow fat like gorging hogs on everything that their iniquitously ferociously greedy hands and minds touch.

We so-called black peoples willfully behave out of character by looking mean and making a lot of noise as our masters flatten us into the manure and sewage of their malicious mind control with the ultimate goal of our complete eradication as a human species on the earth.

The loss is only as loss as she or he is willing to be defeated and want to wallow and languish at the very bottom of the pit without trying to rise to their inherited greatness.
The rulers of this world can only control sheep and will crumble to bits if confronted by men and women who want to be the masters of their thoughts, children, and lives.

In most cases, the tyrant is not an external source but internal in what we believe and accept in our minds. The weapons of destructive magnitude that the current rulers of this world use so effectively are diseases, falsehoods, and money. With this triad of assault tools, they have captured and are enslaving the world.

So, what can the children of the cosmos do to eradicate this deliberate nullification of commonsense and dignity that we have inflicted ourselves?

The children of the cosmos must come out of the debased system that beasts have created and reestablish our system that is earth, the universe, and people-centered.

It is the responsibility and the duty of “The first Civilization Builders,” to get a hold of ourselves, obliterate every facet of this ongoing lie, reclaim our rightful place as the head of the nations, and the portal to the Stars.

The firstborn has dominion over this planet, and that is why the current rulers of this world are so diligent in their efforts to keep us ignorant of ourselves. The Arabs knew this as well, so they needed to divide and enslave The Seed of Humanity while we were still in a state of flux.

So far, everyone has a blissful time in dividing and subjugating the Celestial Birth, but they would not have been able to do this if the Firstborn of Nations had not been active participants in our self-destruction.

Self-hatred and haters of their own are like wolves set loose in the flock by fearful herders to keep the flock off-balance so that it can be easily manipulated and managed. The “Shining Ones” must root out and demolish the wolves within the flock as the first step in overthrowing the den of thieves that they are allowing to make a mockery of them.

Twilight is becoming night, and tomorrow is a new day. It is an epoch that changes defeat into victory and self-hatred into fidelity, play-actors of today will be portraying themselves in ashes and ruins.

Learn and know yourselves because as long as we choose to remain ignorant and play the fool, the captors will continue to enjoy their ocean-front properties and mountain villas as we grope aimlessly within the volume of their propagandas.

Jew, Christians, Arabs, the Western culture, has gotten Dark Radiance so enmeshed within their lying tentacles that it is difficult to free ourselves of their tarnished soil. Our thoughts are their thoughts because we are using their words and language to communicate and shape our imaginations.

It is unacceptable that the firstborn have reduced ourselves to mere actors performing in plays that we have not written. We need to reattach ourselves to the cord that has given us birth and put away other people’s thought waves that keep us stagnant and under their control.

The tasks of reclaiming ourselves can be accomplished within two or three generations working as an amalgamated cultural, scientific, financial, and self-contained military force committed to achieving our ultimate goals of power and glory.

Auburn Clusters must stand up and take control of the planet Earth before the barbarians transform it into an uninhabitable world. The core of the thugs is evil, and they diligently labor to make manifest their malevolent spirits. In a little more than a thousand years, they have done more damage to the planet than all earlier human history combined.

It is the celestial duty of Dark Flames to demolish those who trouble the planet Earth, its peoples, and its other creatures. It is time to put on a new ensemble that is without white spots and cast aside what has been ingrained into us by savage brutes.

The families of the cosmos need “Cosmic Black” to return to ourselves before it is too late for all of us.

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